Monday, January 30, 2012

Aurora: Sleeping Beauty

Meeting the Princesses was truly amazing. We were the last in line so we had all three princesses to ourselves and the girls were the center of their attention. We had the photographer to ourselves as well and he snapped away as the princesses played with the girls.



I added the song lyrics to most of the Princess pages because my girls loved to sing the songs and they still ask for me to turn them on... we downloaded them all from iTunes.

I will apologize that they are all going to be a little fuzzy. I had to take the pictures with the flash off since the flash reflected off of the pictures. I think you can still get the idea of the pages though. Scrapbooking these has been an over 2 year process and I never imagined that would one day be sharing them on my blog. Therefore, I do not have any specific product detail. Please enjoy them and use them for inspiration when scrapbooking your trip.

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