Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Ethan Blog Hop

Hi Everyone,

Let me start by wishing you each a very Happy Thanksgiving! Today we have a very special line-up to share with you in honor of Ethan celebrating his 3rd birthday. Here is a little about Ethan:

Ethan is a courageous little boy who came into this world with obstacles to overcome and he has proven he has a strong will and determination that is an inspiration to his family and friends. This hop is to celebrate Ethan's 3rd birthday and to show him that there are people who he does not know personally but who think he it a true gift from God.

Ethan's mother, Melissa, has asked us to share a story from a past birthday that was special in our lives, so today along with our cards we made for Ethan, we will be sharing a special part of our lives too and I ask that you take the time to read through those special memories along with wishing Ethan a very happy 3rd birthday.

Here is my personal story to share:

Growing up we didn't do big birthday parties. I really don't know why, but it was always just family. One year when I was in 9th grade I went out for my birthday to do some shopping and hang out with a few of my friends. When we returned home about 9pm or so my house was filled with decorations, more friends, and my family. I truly had NO idea they were planning a surprise birthday party and I was completely shocked that they went through so much trouble planning it, getting friends and family on board, and getting it all put together. It was a fun birthday for sure!! 

For my project, I opted not to do a card. I love 3D projects so that is what I did. I made a cute little gift box that is just perfect for presenting a small gift to someone with a fall birthday or one close to Thanksgiving. I love the warm colors and enjoyed bringing in the blues and pinks into the project. All materials are Stampin' Up!.

Thank you for hopping today and please continue on to Scrappin Madge here.

Again, have a safe, blessed, and very Happy Thanksgiving!